Is Shadow Darkwell your real name?

Is Darkwell Studios a solo or collaborative project?

Solo. Darkwell Studios is my (Shadow Darkwell’s) personal photography, though other artists occasionally lend their of page ˆ

Is Darkwell Studios "professional" photography?

Yes and no. I do support myself via photography, and I absolutely conduct myself in an honest, dependable, and respectful manner — but I also frequently decline assignments that don’t inspire me or are not to my tastes. This distinction sets Darkwell Studios
apart from most professional photography. If this defines me as an amateur,
I hope to die of page ˆ

That sounds intimidating. Should I even bother requesting a shoot?

Yes! Extravagant proposals aren’t required. I consider assignments as simple as expanding a model’s portfolio or promoting an event. The point is that I enjoy all of my assignments—so your photos will be that much better. So request your shoot!top of page ˆ

What subjects / genres will you not photograph?

  • Pornography
  • Sports
  • Pets
  • Wildlife / Nature
  • Maternity
  • Infants / Children
  • Family Portraits
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
There are exceptions, but if it looks like a wedding, walks like a wedding, and talks like a wedding, please don’t ask me to photograph your of page ˆ

Will you photograph my engagement, honeymoon, senior photos, etc.?

Perhaps. If not excluded above, of page ˆ

Are all of Darkwell Studios’ projects posted online?

No. Most commercial photography is never posted. Many galleries are only
visible to their of page ˆ

You photographed me at an event. Can I share the photos?

Yes! They are still our photos, though, so please review our sharing policy!top of page ˆ

Do you sell fine art prints?

Yes. Many of the photos on Darkwell Studios’ website and Facebook page are available as fine art prints. Note that most nightlife and band photos are not available for sale. Regardless, contact us and we will discuss the photos that strike your fancy!top of page ˆ

Who developed this website?

I did. All of it. I even wrote the eerily third-person prose throughout. And no, thank you; I am not available for website development. I much prefer photography!top of page ˆ

How do I report this buglitchographical error?

O! The horror! Report it in Darkwell Studios Forum’s official Bugs & Glitches forum.
Be detailed, so it may be trounced most effectively!top of page ˆ

What are your photography rates? Why aren’t they listed online?

Our art transcends such silly concepts as “money”. It is priceless. Literally.

In truth, our “standard” rates so rarely apply that we removed them altogether.
Just share with us your desires, and we will determine the most reasonable rates
to make them reality!top of page ˆ

Can you photograph me for free? (aka: I’ll be good for your portfolio!)

Those successful enough to improve our portfolio are also successful enough to
afford our rates. So… of page ˆ

Do you accept Time-for-CD arrangements?

Selectively. If you are a model or performer with a unique, well-developed concept and the resources to realize it, contact us; but realize that most of our TFCD work involves those with whom we are well-acquainted. We do not accept TFCD arrangements for live bands, events, or nightlife—and if you are an exception, we will contact you. Waiver forms will be required, as we often sell prints of our TFCD of page ˆ

You paid so-and-so Model. Will you pay me too?

You are mistaken. Darkwell Studios sometimes accepts projects from clients who are still considering models. In these situations, we recommend qualified models who are enjoyable to photograph. Although we appreciate our models and gladly advocate for them, these agreements are ultimately between them and our of page ˆ

Can I have a discount? (aka: I’ll retouch my own photos!)

No. We sympathize that everyone has a budget, but Darkwell Studios also has a reputation. Our reputation is for polished, professional photos that include our meticulous post-production. We price accordingly. There are other less expensive photographers who may offer reduced services, and we understand if your budget dictates you hire them instead. We’ll forgive you. of page ˆ

Can I pay some upfront and the rest later?

Perhaps. We may allow a partial payment upfront, but photos will never be delivered until payment is received in full. We also cannot prioritize retouching on photos for which we have not been fully compensated, which may delay their of page ˆ

What should I provide to request Darkwell Studios' photography?

Before considering requests or providing rates, we require the following:
  • Your name and location
  • Availability / event date
  • Genre, concept, or theme
  • Whether you already have a shoot location
  • If you require our logo removed / exclusive image rights
  • Any deadlines for receiving your photos
  • (Optional) A link to recent photos of your self / band / event
Provide this information upfront so we can skip to the fun parts!top of page ˆ

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, checks, and money orders. When paid by check, we reserve the right to withhold photos until the check has of page ˆ

Do you offer printing services?

No. We provide our photos digitally. A selection of our work is, however, available as limited edition art prints. Contact us when you are interested in purchasing artwork for your business, office, or personal collection!top of page ˆ

Where are you located? How far will you travel?

We are located in Nashua, New Hampshire (United States). We mostly photograph within New England, but may travel further for compelling of page ˆ

Do you photograph minors under the age of 18?

Yes. We occasionally photograph seniors, aspiring bands, and younger models seeking to develop their portfolios. However, we will only work with models at least 16 years of age, and all individuals under 18 years of age must, in our presence, have consent forms signed by a legal guardian. – Sorry! It’s the rules!top of page ˆ

Am I required to sign a release or waiver form?

  • Time-for-CD: Always
  • Models: Usually
  • Bands: Occasionally
  • Nightlife & Events: Rarely
Release and waiver forms clarify the rights of both subjects and photographers. Such releases are especially common to model photography. Private or event photography has little need for waivers, but other photography intended for display, commercial, or printing purposes typically does warrant a release. Releases are always required for Time-for-CD shoots. Should a release or waiver be required, we will gladly clarify any aspects that you consider of page ˆ

May I bring my own props and accessories?

Yes! We love incorporating unique props into our shoots. And one can never have too many accessories! Bring them all!top of page ˆ

What other supplies should I bring to a model or band shoot?

Many of our shoots are outdoors, and most are exploratory in nature, so consider bringing comfortable footwear. Packed food or drink is permissible. Liquids are especially worthwhile on warmer days—as is sun block. Details of the shoot will be discussed beforehand so you can plan accordingly. Please do not bring alcohol without permission. Illicit drugs are never permitted, so don’t ask, and don’t bring of page ˆ

May I bring a friend, escort, or significant other?

Certainly! Your comfort and enjoyment are first and foremost. So long as your company is respectful and does not distract from our shoot, we have no reservations. Please notify us in advance so we can accommodate the additional of page ˆ

Can my friend join in some of my modeling photos?

Yes, but our rates will increase. The difference is most reasonable when such requests are made during scheduling, not once the shoot has of page ˆ

I’m running late! Should I call or just arrive as soon as possible?

Call! We do everything in our power to arrive early for your shoot. Notify us if you expect delays, and we’ll be far more cheerful upon your arrival!top of page ˆ

What if I must reschedule our photo shoot?

Notify us ASAP! We understand—life is a treacherous path; tragedy strikes; bosses drive spiteful spikes into our artful hearts. Scheduling, preparation, and travel are the most tedious aspects of photography, and we ask that you appreciate the effort by prioritizing your shoot with us. If the shoot truly mustn’t go on, please contact us promptly. We will make every reasonable effort to reschedule you if of page ˆ

Will we be shooting in studio or on location?

On location whenever possible. Adventure, grand landscapes, and diverse settings typically outweigh the benefits of a controlled of page ˆ

How long will our photo shoot last?

Until everyone is satisfied. We plan to attend events, performances, live shows and nightlife for their entirety. Model and promotional band shoots vary in length from forty-five minutes to five hours. We focus on creating masterful art, not rushing mediocrity. We will discuss any particular day’s time restraints prior to our of page ˆ

Will anyone else accompany the photographer?

Frequently. Our philosophy is "cooperation, not competition." We enjoy supporting fellow photographers, models, makeup artists, costume designers, and other creative professionals. Their expertise elevates our art, improves your images, and they often aid us with tedious logistics (adjusting props, carrying equipment, etc.). Our group is never large or unruly. We will always notify in you advance of others attending, and their attendance will be at your of page ˆ

Do I have creative input during our photo shoot?

Duh! Denying creativity is akin to tragedy. Everyone involved of page ˆ

What will I receive from our photo shoot?

Photos. Every shoot also includes unlimited Darkwell Studios awesomeness,
free of of page ˆ

What retouching will my photos undergo?

Darkwell Studios is not “purist” photography. While we strive to capture final images in-camera, in addition to sharpening, tonal corrections, blemish removal, tooth whitening, and other basic retouching—photos will often undergo post-production to strengthen their impact. We are not digital artists in the traditional sense, though, so while we often remove elements, modify colors, composite images, and even introduce fog and lighting, if you seek more extensive editing, you may not be seeking photography at of page ˆ

How long will it take to receive my photos?

Timeframes depend on assignment. One week is typical for nightlife, events, and live bands – three weeks for model and band promotional shoots. Larger assignments may require longer timeframes. We will always set reasonable expectations
prior to of page ˆ

How will I receive my photos?

Once your photos are complete, you will be provided a website address, username, and password to access your gallery and its private download options. Arrangements will be made if this method is insufficient or of page ˆ

How may I use my photos?

Unless otherwise specified, you may use your photos for non-commercial purposes. All photos possessing the Darkwell Studios logo must remain unaltered (though resizing is permitted). Our logo must remain intact, unaltered, and legible.
Please contact us with any of page ˆ