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Darkwell Studios features the photographic art of New England-
based alternative model & event photographer Shadow Darkwell.
His passion is creating images of exceptional quality for those with
aesthetics a bit different (and dare we say darker) than the norm.

Darkwell Studios specializes in photographing alternative:

  • Models
  • Fashion
  • Performers
  • Bands (Live & Promo)
  • Nightlife & Events

—And exceptional Individuals with an edge!

His conceptual photographs are strange, surreal, atmospheric,
emotive, and most importantly — unique.

Darkwell Studios is also home to Shadow Darkwell's many
ambitious solo projects, chronicling his journey toward the
grand and remarkable art with which he hopes to one day
stun the visual world.

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with your questions, comments, or praise!

Alexis Assault

Shadow is one of the best photographers I've ever worked with. In fact, he's the only one that I see and work with on regular basis. Further more, he is a friend...

Matthew Kahn

...but he also engendered a lot of respect in me for the work that is involved in truly gorgeous photography. Mr. Darkwell also was an absolute pleasure to work with, as he was polite, courteous, and had a very pleasant

Julie Vesna

Shadow belongs among myths, as a photographer as well as a human. [...] If you want a photography that is true you, you should choose Shadow.


...and vast creativity to produce unique and beautiful photos. I always have a blast working with him, even if the ground is littered with thorns and temperature is below freezing.

Starr Love

Even with a shy model like myself, he was able to make the experience both productive and enjoyable. He has a never-ending energy about him when a camera hits his hands...

Jeff Heartless

There are many phrases that can be used to describe Shadow Darkwell. Energetic, accurate, friendly, A strong visual eye. [...] Punctual, Talented, Promoter, and Reliable...

Blu Jess

...but I assure you it's the truth and to reiterate that I shall end with... a more casual note... Shadow... is the epitome... of frigan awesome.

Devan the Impaler

I've been on many photoshoots before, many of them, but I'd never before experienced a Photo-Adventure quite like the one I got with Shadow...

Lilith Astaroth

I've been lucky enough to be captured through it many times, and the results are always incredible. Shadow is a very valued part of the New England gothic and fetish scene...

Rinny Cody

...his models own beauty, while expanding and adding his own lovely, artistic twist. Fun, creative, and warm, Shadow makes models and art lovers all around extremely proud...

Melissa Gavazzi

His willingness to take everyone's photos, kindness and patience puts me at ease and makes me feel comfortable and okay walking up and asking him to take my photo.

Lisa Marie Shugrue

I would like to thank Shadow Darkwell for doing an amazing job capturing the memories of my new beginning. As a fellow artist, Shadow Darkwell has an amazing eye...

Brian Chabot

His characteristic personality and photographic style bring out the glamour of the event and of the people he shoots. ... Highly recommended, but I call dibs on him for my events!

Kiera Raven Monet

...laughing for most of our photo shoot, and most photos were actually taken between my out bursts of laughter at Shadow's jokes and funny antics.

Ali X

He has a great sense of capturing everyday life in a unique, creative, and alluring way! His editing style is also original and will draw the viewer in as they pass by the page.

Jillian Castle

Shadow/Darkwell Studies has a talent for making even the most insecure person comfortable, and even confident, in front of the camera. He will go to any lengths necessary...

Fuzzy Blouin

I've had nothing but compliments from friends and family as I've showed them the photos he took of me. All in all I'm completely satisfied with his work...

Trianna Trench

I'm really happy with the photos he produced for me and I'd recommend him to any model looking for creative and artistic photographs.

Kitty BANG!

Just when I think he can't amaze me even more because his work is already beautiful, fascinating, enchanting & delightful, he goes over the top & I become astounded.

Morgan Le Fey

Shadow is one of the most energetic photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a charisma about him that most don't have in this business.

Alicia Puck Vickery

...has a way of making you feel calmer and more comfortable around him and the camera. He kind of has an air around him that makes you want to show yourself off a little.

J0hnny ev1L would find it difficult to not recognize an image captured by Shadow. This quality is rare, especially in nightlife photography where one photographer is seemingly no different from the next...

Shelby A. Dubois-Jenness

...stops to see how everyone is doing and seems to have a knack for catching people at their best. The nights he's at the club give me large amounts of joy.

Mad Madeline

To be dull was not an option. He exhibited a life and energy rarely seen; truly refreshing qualities in such a colorless world. It was everything I could have hoped for, and more.

Heather Van Dyken

Shadow captures an essence of you that comes out in the photos its almost like an aura captured in pictures. I have been very intrigued by his work. I will forever enjoy his work.

Chelsea Brickham

I love his unique perspective and his post-production work is top-notch! He's professional and always respectful of his subjects! I'd definitely work with him again anytime!

Nigel R. Cote

To say that I was pleased with the results is rather an understatement. I hope to make use of the massage photos after I manage to get my full license as part of my advertising.

Imani Minaya

...that my ideas and requests would be considered odd, but Shadow not only understood what I was looking for, but took it above and beyond what I could have ever imagined!

Dark Intentions

In a club setting the importance of making a person comfortable with candid pictures being taken can be a challenge. This is a challenge that Shadow managed to make into art...

Joseph Sharkey

I am not a guy who willingly stands in front of a camera, I can't stand picture of myself! But Shadow's shots are always something I'll hunt down [...] Which is saying something...

Sidonia Rein

...takes his work very seriously. I guarantee the images he captures will not disappoint. His technique comes from within, Shadow is able to catch a moment and turn it into art.

Matt Gotham

...contort his own body to get just the right shot. His passion for the art and his own artistic eye are the reason I can honestly say that, in my opinion, Mr. Darkwell is the best in his field.

Anastasia Maria DiMarca

His portraits are flattering and true to the model. Being a photographer myself, I know how important comfort level is. Mr. Darkwell was both professional and affable.

Kristina S.

What's more, he is one extremely enthusiastic and engaging person and being in front of his camera becomes a game of cat-and-mouse. The cat is constantly challenging the mouse to its creative limits...

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