Sharing Policy

The short of it:

Don’t steal, sell, modify, or claim or imply ownership of our photos,
and please credit us appropriately.

We and other photographers dedicate our lives to creating compelling
photos for your enjoyment. Please don't devalue our work!

If you have any questions, ask!

To Elaborate:

Please feel free to:

Please, do not:

And if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!

The Legal:

All photos on this website, unless explicitly credited elsewise, are copyright
Darkwell Studios, and are protected under U.S. Copyright law.

You may not reproduce or alter our images without express permission from
Darkwell Studios. Permission may be granted at our sole discretion.
Usage fees may also apply.

To request to use our photo(s), please contact us with:

Downloading our photos from this website is permitted for the limited
purpose of viewing, wallpaper, and personal use—so long as our photos
are not then distributed to others. Photos are not to be cropped, altered,
or enhanced n any way, especially in a manner that degrades the quality or
original intention of our photo(s).

All shared photos should include the following credit line:
Copyright © Darkwell Studios. All rights reserved.

Posting of Darkwell Studios photos on your personal web site is not
permissible and requires explicit permission.

Photos may not be sold or used for profit or for any commercial purposes,
online or offline, including on event flyers (even for non-profit events).
Photos may not be used to suggest endorsement by the Darkwell Studios
for any event, product, service, or individual.

Any violations of Darkwell Studios’ copyrights may be prosecuted under
U.S. Copyright laws at our digression. This document is provided as a
courtesy and makes no claim to be a comprehensive compendium of
aforementioned U.S. Copyright law. Ignorance is not an excuse and
will not hold merit in a court of law.

Again, please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding copyright,
modification of our images, our sharing policy, or the terms of fair usage.